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Citation Kynoch Resources. 2008. Bella Coola Watershed-based Fish Sustainabilty Plan, Stage III: Final Report. Prepared for International Forest Products.
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URL http://bellacoolawatershed.com/data/WBFSP_Stage_3.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The Bella Coola River Watershed is a large coastal drainage encompassing more than
approximately 5,000 km2
, with more than 500 km of mainstem tributary channels. The watershed
extends from the Bella Coola River mouth to upper headwaters in the Interior Plateau. The study
area is vast, with more than 16 individual subbasins ranging from ~10 km2
to >700 km2
, making
watershed planning difficult and diverse.
This report is Stage III of the Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Planning process (WFSP),
which began in 2001 in Bella Coola Valley by the Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society.
The Stage I and II Reports (BCWCS, 2003 and 2007) provided a large-scale watershed profile, a
description of the past and current land and water uses within the Bella Coola Valley and
watershed specific fisheries data on fish species present within the watershed. Stage II
subsequently identified five (5) ‘priority issues’ requiring further assessment and/or other actions
to promote watershed-based fish sustainability in the Bella Coola Watershed.
This Stage III report presents a general plan for practically addressing the five ‘priority issues’
identified in Stage II planning, based on local resource availability, scope of watershed size and
existing knowledge. This plan is not a comprehensive prescription for habitat restoration, fisheries
management or detailed sustainability planning, rather it is intended to guide proponents and
stakeholders in choosing projects related to ‘priority issues’ as identified by the BCWCS during
watershed planning. Comprehensive study designs, field assessments or project implementation
planning were beyond the scope of this project.
Section 1.0 of the Stage III report provides a summary of Stage II findings and recommendations
and subdivides the study area into individual subbasins. Section 2.0 describes methodology for
subbasin assessment, and section 3.0 summarizes subbasin findings. Section 4.0 provides
recommendations for plan implementation and prioritizes management plan components.
Please contact the Bella Coola Resource Centre at (250) 982-0007 or at
[email protected] if you have additional information that would be relevant to the
Bella Coola WFSP.
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