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Citation Kwan, S. 2009. A two dimensional hydrodynamic river morphology and gravel transport model. MASc Thesis, UBC.
Organization UBC
URL https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/24/items/1.0063132
Abstract/Description or Keywords A depth-averaged two-dimensional hydrodynamic-morphological and gravel transport model is presented. Based on River2D by Prof Peter Steffler et al. (2002) of the University of Alberta, River2D-Morphology (R2DM) is capable of simulating flow hydraulics, sediment transport for uni-size and mixed size sediment, and morphological changes of a river over time. Changes in bed elevation are calculated by solving Exner’s equation for sediment mass conservation with the mixed size sediment transport function of Wilcock and Crowe (2003). R2DM is capable of exploring the dynamics of grain size distributions, including fractions of sand in sediment deposits and on the bed surface of rivers and streams. Results have been verified with experimental data for aggradation and downstream fining (Paolo, 1992; Seal, 1992; Toro-Escobar, 2000); for degradation (Ashida and Michiue, 1971); and qualitatively with two dimensional flow (Tsujimoto, 1987). Application of R2DM to actual rivers has shown that it is ready for general release as a tool to assist engineers with river restoration projects, the design of hydraulic structures and with fish habitat modeling.
Information Type thesis
Regional Watershed Lower Fraser
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