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Citation Klohn Crippen Berger. 2013. Chase River - Colliery Dam Park project: Stage 1 biophysical assessment - fish habitat, wildlife and vegetation. Prepared for City of Nanaimo.
Organization City of Nanaimo
URL http://www.nanaimo.ca/UploadedFilesPath/pdf/bid_ops/Appendix%20I%20%20-%20Feb%202013%20Stage%201%20Biophysical%20Assessment.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords A reconnaissance fish habitat, wildlife, and vegetation assessment was conducted on the Chase River
within the Colliery Dam Park (the Park) for the City of Nanaimo (the City) on December 12 and
December 13, 2012. The Chase River is approximately 11 kilometers (km) long, with only the lower
4.5 km accessible to anadromous fish. Four reservoirs exist on the Chase River; two reservoirs created
by the middle and lower Colliery Park dams (Middle Reservoir and Lower Reservoir), the Number One
Reservoir and Dam, and the Upper Colliery Dam. The Chase River flows northeast through the Middle
Reservoir and Lower Reservoir within the Park, and continues south-east through south Nanaimo,
entering the Nanaimo River Estuary in the Strait of Georgia approximately 4.5 km downstream.
A two-day study was conducted within the Park boundary to determine the quantity and quality of
fish habitat. In addition, incidental observations were also noted of wildlife use, and terrestrial and
aquatic vegetation within the Park. The Chase River was assessed from immediately below Upper
Reservoir to the eastern border of the Park encompassing a total of eight stream reaches (Figure 1.1).
Natural and man-made barriers to fish passage were assessed both within the Park and downstream
to the Chase River’s confluence with the Nanaimo River estuary. In addition, fish habitat around both
the Middle Reservoir and the Lower Reservoir was assessed.
The fisheries habitat assessment was conducted to provide information regarding fish habitat within
the Park. Fish habitat information was recorded within each reach along the Chase River within the
Park boundary and along the Middle Reservoir and the Lower Reservoir. Stream reach fish habitat
data were used to evaluate the habitat quality, sensitivities, and capacity for fish production. In
addition, qualitative information regarding wildlife use and upland and riparian vegetation was
recorded for each reach.
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Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
Sub-watershed if known Chase River
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