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Citation Klassen, Jeanette Lorene; 2015; Assessing the Risk of Saltwater Intrusion on the Gulf Islands, BC; Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University; 158p
Organization SFU
URL http://summit.sfu.ca/item/15778
Abstract/Description or Keywords The goal of this research was to distinguish groundwaters impacted by Salt Water Intrusion in the bedrock aquifers of the Gulf Islands, BC and identify thresholds for select chemical parameters that can be used for monitoring purposes, as well as to develop and test an approach for assessing risk to groundwater quality in coastal aquifers. The most reliable indicators were Cl/(HCO3 + CO3), BEX (base exchange index), Cl vs. EC, depth vs TDS, and a quantile analysis, resulting in 138 well samples (out of 795) that appear to be impacted by SWI. These samples were collected from wells that predominantly fall along the coastline. The vulnerability of the bedrock aquifers to SWI was assessed spatially by mapping hazards in combination with the aquifer susceptibility. Hazards due to pumping have the greatest influence on the vulnerability. Risk was evaluated spatially using an economic valuation of loss – here replacement of a water supply. The combination of chemical indicators and risk assessment maps are useful tools for identifying areas vulnerable to SWI, and these tools can be used to improve decision-making related to monitoring and community development for coastal areas.
Information Type Dissertation
Regional Watershed Southern Gulf Islands
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