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Citation Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Limited. 2007. Run-of-River Hydroelectric Resource Assessment for British Columbia. Prepared for BC Hydro.
Organization BC Hydro
URL http://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/hydro/medialib/internet/documents/info/pdf/info54943_pdf.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords BC Hydro and the BC Transmission Corporation (BCTC) commissioned Kerr Wood Leidal
Associates Ltd. (KWL) to conduct an inventory of the run-of-river hydroelectric potential in
British Columbia. KWL completed the hydroelectric resource assessment using a Geographic
Information System (GIS) Hydropower Assessment Tool developed by KWL.
The study identified over 8,000 potential run-of-river hydroelectric sites in BC. These sites have
a potential installed capacity of over 12,000 MW and annual energy of nearly 50,000 GWh per
year. KWL estimated the cost for each project, including costs for access and power lines to
connect to the BC Hydro/BCTC power system. Table 1 provides the number of projects, energy,
and capacity by price bundle. It also includes an estimation of the impacted area and job
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