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Citation Hutchinson, JJ. 2011. Monitoring riparian restoration: Lessons learned in Clayoquot Sound. MSc Thesis, Royal Roads University.
Organization Royal Roads University
URL http://clayoquot.org/sites/default/files/content-documents/Thesis%20Jessica%20Jean%20Hutchinson.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Old-growth riparian forests have been extensively logged and are increasingly the focus
of restoration. While there are thousands of restoration initiatives annually, very few are
conducted as scientific experiments necessary to develop adaptive management in
restoration ecology. Systematic evaluation of restoration prescriptions and effective
monitoring measures are needed. In 2010, a riparian restoration project was completed in
the Kennedy Flats Watershed in the Clayoquot Sound. The prescribed treatments were
designed to accelerate natural seral stage development by accelerating conifer succession,
increasing structural complexity, species diversity and composition. Three vegetation
types were evaluated, a post-harvest deciduous-dominated site and conifer-dominated site
with high stocking densities, and an intact old-growth cedar-hemlock forest control.
Although the short-term responses to the restoration treatments were minimal, important
ecological differences between the three habitat types were identified. These evaluations
have led to a series of recommendations to improve restoration prescriptions and
monitoring programs for each habitat type.
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Regional Watershed Vancouver Island North
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