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Citation Hudson, R. 2006. Road construction and hauling in basaltic and granitic terrain: effects on sediment yield at Russell and Catherine Creeks, Tsitika River Watershed. Forest Research Extension Note EN-021, Coast Forest Region.
Organization FLNRO
URL https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/rco/research/hydroreports/en021.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The effects of forest roads on sediment
production have been well documented in the
literature. Studies have looked at various aspects
of roads as sediment sources, including the effects
of vehicular traffic on running surfaces (Reid
and Dunne, 1984, Coker et al., 1993, Nistor and
Rood, 1999), the role of cut and fill slopes on
sediment budgets (Hudson, 2001b), and the role
of road deactivation and the effects of road
construction on sediment budgets (Beschta,
1978, Anderson and Potts, 1988, Megahan et
al., 1986). What has not been well documented
is the effect of building roads on basaltic terrain
and hauling timber on those roads immediately
following construction.
An analysis of sediment production and transport
characteristics of basaltic and granitic terrain in
Russell and Catherine Creeks revealed that, in
the fall of 1997, newly constructed road used to
access timber in Catherine Creek resulted in an
order of magnitude increase in sediment yield
that was closely related to timber hauling
(Hudson, 2001c). A similar effect was observed
at Russell Creek in the fall of 2004, when an
impending change in land tenure led to an
increased rate of cut to allow completion of the
forest licensee’s five-year development plan.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island North
Sub-watershed if known Russell Creek, Catherine Creek
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