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Citation Hudson, R and Fraser, J. 2001. Roberts Creek Study Forest: Pre-harvest chemical characteristics of three S6 creeks, Flume Creek Experimental Watershed. Forest Research Technical Report TR-013, Vancouver Forest Region.
Organization FLNRO
URL https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/rco/research/hydroreports/tr-013.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Pre-treatment water chemistry was analysed for three small S6
creeks in the Flume Creek watershed, part of the Roberts Creek
Study Forest. The objective was to create a baseline for the future
assessment of the water chemistry impacts of partial harvesting
The chemicals studied are derived primarily from chemical weathering,
biological activity and atmospheric sources. Analysis indicated
that water chemistry was controlled by time during the
season, suggesting a buildup of stored chemicals over the dry
summer months, followed by a period during which the chemicals
are leached from the watershed faster than the rate at which
they can be replenished. Within storm events, there is a dilution
effect that also influences concentrations. These effects interact,
resulting in highly complex relationships between chemical
concentrations, streamflow and seasonal factors.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed sunshine coast
Sub-watershed if known Flume Creek
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Project status complete
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