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Citation Hatfield, T. 2005. Fraser River White Sturgeon Conservation Plan. Prepared for Fraser River White Sturgeon Working Group.
Organization Fraser River White Sturgeon Working Group.
URL http://www.frasersturgeon.com/media/conservation-plan-2005.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The Fraser River White Sturgeon Conservation Plan (the Plan) addresses white sturgeon
conservation in the Fraser River, excluding the Nechako River for which there is already a
recovery plan. It is designed to be a high-level planning document that provides information
on white sturgeon biology and conservation, identifies information gaps, and sets priorities for
action by government and non-government organizations. It outlines general strategies and
priorities for conservation, but is not highly-detailed or prescriptive. In short, the Plan presents
“what to do” but not necessarily “how to do it.” It is expected that detailed prescriptions for
specific actions will be developed during future stages of conservation planning and
management of white sturgeon across the full range of the species.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Lower Fraser
Sub-watershed if known Fraser River
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Project status complete
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