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Citation Hasler, CT et al. 2014. Effectiveness of pulse flows in a regulated river for inducing upstream movement of an imperiled stock of Chinook salmon. Aquatic Science 76:231-241.
Organization UBC
URL http://faculty.forestry.ubc.ca/hinch/Hasler%20et%20al%202014%20Aquatic%20Sci.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords We assessed the effectiveness of pulse flows in
facilitating the upstream migration of an imperiled summer-run
Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
stock in the Puntledge River, BC, Canada. During July and
August, over 3 years, we tracked radio-tagged fish
(n = 100) in a reach of the Puntledge River where water is
diverted for power generation, resulting in stable low flows
that are believed to impede migration. Over the course of
13 pulse flows, we measured migration rate, passage rate at
natural barriers that are difficult to pass during low flows,
movement away from the turbine outlet pool that creates
distracting flows, and locomotor activity. Mean river flow
during the peak of the pulses varied from 12.1 to
42.5 m3 s
-1 and was at least 6.1 m3 s
-1 above residual
base flows. Typically, the pulse flows lasted 48 h. Migration
rate was higher during some pulse flows, but results
varied among pulses. Passage at natural barriers was only
higher during an abnormal pulse where flows reached twice
that of the prescribed flow (i.e., 24? m3 s
). Some fish
moved away from the turbine outlet pool during pulse
flows. Pulse flows did not affect fish activity levels, as
measured by electromyogram telemetry. Although the
effect of pulsed flows on the migration of the Puntledge
River summer-run Chinook salmon was unclear, no negative
impacts, such as hyperactivity or downstream
displacement were observed. The use of pulse flows as a
management tool still requires further research.
Keywords Artificial freshets Oncorhynchus spp.
Chinook salmon Hydropower Migration Fish telemetry
Information Type article
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island North
Sub-watershed if known Puntledge River
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Project status complete
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