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Citation Hanelt, R and Clough, D. 2010. Haslam Creek Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment: Prioritizing restoration and protection of the fisheries resource. Prepared for BC Ministry of Environment.
Organization Ministry of Environment
URL http://www.rdn.bc.ca/dms/documents/dwwp-reports/cedar-yellow-point-water-region/haslam_creek_-_habitat_assessment_ushp_method_-_2010.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Haslam Creek is a major tributary of the Nanaimo River and of keen interest to club members who
either live, work, fish or hunt in its watershed.
In the summer of 2000 and 2001 a habitat survey was conducted by members of the Nanaimo River
Fish and Game protective association and Nanaimo River Hatchery under the guidance of Rob Hanelt,
RPBio. This survey was conducted in the final years of the Urban Salmon Habitat Program (USHP)
undertaken by George Reid (Reg. Biologist) and Tracy Michalski (Program Biologist) with the Ministry
of Environment, Lands and Parks (MELP). The Urban Salmon Habitat Program was an initiative to
protect trout and salmon and their habitat in the Georgia Basin.
In March 2001, a report was published by Rob Hanelt, RPBio of Aquaterra Environmental for the
Ministry of Environment and Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association. This report covered the
habitat condition of the lower three reaches of Haslam Creek. The group conducted surveys of Reach
4 and 5, which were never published. Sadly, Rob Hanelt passed away in 2004 and the project was
never completed.
In October 2009, D.R. Clough Consulting was asked to complete the reach data for the entire Haslam
Watershed including the past data as well as Reaches 4 - 8 (Haslam Lake).
The objective of the Haslam Creek Habitat Inventory and Restoration Plan is to develop a better
understanding of the environmental impacts on the Haslam Creek watershed, and develop a long-term
fish habitat restoration and protection plan.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
Sub-watershed if known Haslam Creek
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