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Citation Barlak, R. 2012. Water quality assessment and objectives for the John Hart Lake Community Watershed and McIvor Lake. BC Ministry of Environment.
Organization Ministry of Environment
URL http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/wat/wq/pdf/wqo_overviewreport_%20john_hart_mcivor_.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords This document is one in a series that presents water quality
objectives for British Columbia. This overview report summarizes
the findings of the technical report, which is available as a separate
document. The overview provides general information about the
water quality of John Hart Lake, a community watershed supplying
drinking water to the City of Campbell River, located on the east
coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It also provides
information about McIvor Lake, located near John Hart Lake,
which, at the time of this study, was being evaluated as an alternate
or additional source of drinking water for the City of Campbell
River. This report is intended for both technical readers and for
readers who may not be familiar with the process for setting water
quality objectives. Separate tables listing water quality objectives
and monitoring recommendations are included. The technical
report presents the details of the water quality assessment for John
Hart Lake and McIvor Lake, and forms the basis of the
recommendations and objectives presented here.
The primary activities occurring within the watershed that could
potentially impact water quality are recreational use, power
generation, mining, forestry and, around McIvor Lake only,
residential development. These activities, as well as natural
erosion and the presence of wildlife, all potentially affect water
quality in both John Hart Lake and McIvor Lake.
Water quality objectives are recommended to protect drinking
water, aquatic life, irrigation, recreation and wildlife.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island North
Sub-watershed if known Campbell River
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