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Citation Ham, D and Hogan, D. 1998. Applications of photography in geomorphology: Size scales and appropriate platforms. In: Hogan, D.L., P.J. Tschaplinski, and S. Chatwin (Editors). B.C. Min. For., Res. Br., Victoria, B.C. Land Manage. Handb. No. 41.
Organization FLNRO
URL https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hfd/pubs/docs/Lmh/Lmh41.htm
Abstract/Description or Keywords A general overview of several photographic techniques
available for use in field investigations of
small (1–10 m2) to large (>100 km2) geomorphic
features is given. These techniques range from
inexpensive manual methods (e.g., unipod or
balloon photography) to comparatively expensive
remote sensing methods such as standard aerial
photography and satellite imagery. The photographs
can be used for a wide variety of purposes,
depending on the objectives of the project and the
level of accuracy required. Some examples of their
application in geomorphology are provided.
Information Type abstract
Regional Watershed Coast Region
Sub-watershed if known
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Project status complete
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