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Citation Gaboury, M. 2011. Protection and restoration strategy and action plan for Thames and Nash Creeks (DRAFT). Prepared for Trout Unlimited Canada, Nile Creek Enhancement Society and Vancouver Island University.
Organization Vancouver Island University
URL http://www.rdn.bc.ca/dms/documents/dwwp-reports/big-qualicum-water-region/thames_and_nash_creeks_restoration_and_protection_strategy.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The Nile Creek - Qualicum Bay Enhancement Program is a comprehensive habitat restoration
and enhancement initiative being undertaken by Nile Creek Enhancement Society (NCES), Trout
Unlimited Canada (TUC), and Vancouver Island University (VIU). The Program was designed
as part of Trout Unlimited Canada’s National Watershed Renewal Program and proposes to
implement enhancement / restoration work in six tributaries of Qualicum Bay. The tributaries
include: Thames, Nile, Annie and Nash creeks, and Westglade and Black brooks. The major
objectives of the Enhancement Program are:
To re-build sea-run cutthroat trout in creeks and streams flowing into Qualicum Bay
on Vancouver Island by restoring degraded habitat and re-establishing and improving
access to restored and productive anadromous cutthroat trout habitat from the intertidal
area through to the headwaters of six streams; and
To build and test a model for engaging the community and a post secondary
education institution in the planning and delivery of a broader area conservation
program with five components: a conservation component; a youth engagement
component; a science development/project management component; a
communication component; and a fund-raising component.
This report primarily addresses the first objective and lays a foundation for completing the
second objective. The report includes a review of previously documented information on
Thames and Nash creeks, as well as habitat assessment information, hydrological data and
conceptual restoration designs from 2010-11 assessments and surveys. The report also describes
some key activities that could be implemented by NCES and TUC to protect watersheds flowing
into Qualicum Bay. As described in the following report, the main deliverables for this project
1. A list of feasible, high priority enhancement / restoration projects that could be
implemented in two key tributaries, Nash and Thames creeks, of Qualicum Bay;
2. Conceptual habitat designs at up to six high priority enhancement / restoration sites in
these two key tributaries; and
3. A framework for a protection and rehabilitation strategy for Qualicum Bay watersheds
that would be delivered by the local community and Nile Creek Enhancement Society.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island North
Sub-watershed if known Thames Creek, Nash Creek
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Project status complete
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