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Citation GeoBC. 1:50000 BC Watershed Atlas.
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URL http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fish/watershed_atlas_maps/
Abstract/Description or Keywords This site has links and pages that will provide documentation, data queries and viewable or downloadable maps relating to the 1:50,000 BC Watershed Atlas.

The 1:50,000 British Columbia Watershed Atlas (BC Watershed Atlas 50K) is a topologically structured digital representation of all aquatic-related features (streams, lakes, wetlands, obstructions, dams, etc. and associated annotation) existing on the 1187 federal 1:50,000 scale National Topographic System Map Series (NTS) that cover British Columbia. In addition to these features, the data set includes boundaries for all third-order and greater watersheds (after Stahler, 1952) , stream network connectivity, a route system for streams, and a hierarchical watershed code associated with all waterbodies. The 1:50,000 BC Watershed Atlas is organized into the following province-wide hydrographic layers: Stream centreline network (with associated stream routes); Lakes, Man-made waterbodies, Double-line rivers and Wetlands; Third Order and Greater Watershed Boundaries; Major Drainage Areas of BC; Major Watershed Code Numbers of BC; and Hydrographic annotation.

Note: The previous version of the BC Watershed Atlas 50K, where the province was subdivided spatially into 246 individual Watershed Groups with multiple hydrographic layers per watershed group, is now out of date and is no longer available for downloading. The latest version of the BC Watershed Atlas 50K is organized into a ‘seamless’ provincial coverage of separate hydrographic layers. This new version was last updated in June of 2005 and is now considered a static product.

There are overlay Watershed Code Availability (WSCA) Maps in PDF format of the 1:50,000 Watershed Atlas 50K streams vs. the 1:20,000 streams, viewable for comparison.
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