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Citation FLNRO. 2015. Great Bear Rainforest Order, June 2015, Draft for Public Review. FLNRO.
Organization FLNRO
URL https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/tasb/SLRP/lrmp/nanaimo/EBM/GBR_BMTA/GBR%20LUO%20Draft%2020150609.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords It is the goal of the Province through land use objectives and other measures to implement ecosystem-based
management within the Great Bear Rainforest area. The Province is committed to implementing ecosystem-based
management in a manner that maintains ecosystem integrity and improves human well-being concurrently.
Ecosystem integrity is being maintained when adverse effects to ecological values and processes are minimal or
unlikely to occur. A high level of human well-being is being achieved when the quality of life in communities is
equal to or better than the Canadian average.
In addition, the Land Use Objectives Regulation requires an appropriate balance of social, economic and
environmental benefits.
This Order replaces the 2007 South Central Coast and Central North Coast land use orders, as amended in 2009
and 2013. The intent is to improve protection and maintenance of First Nation forest and cultural values; achieve
further progress toward long term protection and maintenance of aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife;
and provide for stable social and economic benefits, including carbon benefits, for First Nations and other citizens
dependent upon the area, ensuring worker safety and maintaining stable access to forest lands that support viable
commercial forestry opportunities.
For the purpose of this Order, the specific intent in relation to maintenance of forested ecosystems is to establish a
Natural Forest of 3,108,876 ha and to maintain old forest representation of each ecosystem at 70% of the range of
natural variation across the Order area, with a few minor exceptions. In relation to the contribution commercial
forestry makes towards human wellbeing, the intent of this Order is to establish a Managed Forest area of 550,032
hectares and an AAC of 2.5 million m3
for the area until March 31, 2025.
In relation to First Nations Human Wellbeing, the intent is to protect and conserve First Nations forest and cultural
values, improve the long-term stewardship of aboriginal heritage and aboriginal forest resources in the area, and
provide enhanced access to opportunities for carbon benefits and commercial forestry.
This Order is one component of a larger framework of government to government strategic agreements that is
designed to contribute to reconciliation of First Nations interests with the Province of British Columbia. Toward
that end, the requirements for First Nation engagement and involvement in the implementation of this Order are
clarified, as is the process through which engagement with First Nations can enable more flexible access to
commercial forestry opportunities.
The implementation of ecosystem-based management will be monitored and, if monitoring results determine that
ecosystem integrity is not being maintained or that human well-being is not being improved, this Order may be
reviewed and amended. Progress will be assessed in terms of ecological and human well-being performance
indicators such as maintenance of high levels of old forest representation (i.e. 70 % of the range of natural
variation [RONV]) and increases in employment levels (i.e. equal to the Canadian average). Implementation of this
order will be guided by a Background and Intent document.
This preamble is provided for context and background and does not form part of the order.
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