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Citation Dakin, R.A., R.N. Farvolden, J.A. Cherry and Peter Fritz; 1983; Origin of dissolved solids in groundwaters of Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada; Journal of Hydrology v. 63(3-4):233-270,· May 1983; Department of Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo; 37p
Organization University of Waterloo
URL https://www.researchgate.net/publication/239351523_Origin_of_dissolved_solids_in_groundwaters_of_Mayne_Island_British_Columbia_Canada_J_Hydrol
Abstract/Description or Keywords Hydrogeological, hydrochemical and isotope techniques were applied to determine the origin of saline groundwaters on Mayne Island. The saline groundwater is a sodium chloride type, with concentrations of Na+ and Cl− as high as 4367 and 8008 mgl−1, respectively.
Information Type Article
Regional Watershed Southern Gulf Islands
Sub-watershed if known
Aquifer # 447; 619; 620; 632; 750
Project status complete
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