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Citation Cunderlik, JM and Burn, DH. 2002. Local and regional trends in monthly maximum flows in southern British Columbia. Canadian Water Resources Journal 27:191-212.
Organization University of Waterloo
URL http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.4296/cwrj2702191
Abstract/Description or Keywords The potential impact of climate change on the hydrologic regime is an important topic in contemporary hydrology. A number of studies have been conducted to identify climate change signals in annual maximum flood records. However less attention has been paid to changes in the regime of flood events of smaller return periods. The overall trend observed in annual maximum flood records gives limited information about intra-annual changes in the hydrological regime of extreme flows. The trends in monthly maximum flows at local and regional scales in a hydro-climatologically homogeneous region from a 40-year common observation period are explored in this study. Trends are identified using the Mann-Kendall non-parametric test with a modification for auto-correlated data. The regional significance of trends identified at the local scale is evaluated by means of a regional bootstrap algorithm that preserves the regional cross-correlation structure. Regional average magnitudes of the trend in monthly maximum flows from a common observation period are estimated over the selected region by means of the ordinary block kriging technique and are compared with results obtained from annual maximum flood records. The results show significant changes in the intra-annual monthly maximum flow regime in southern British Columbia.
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Regional Watershed Lower Fraser, Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast
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