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Citation Arlington Group. 2010. Flood Protection Strategies in British Columbia. Prepared for BC Real Estate Association.
Organization BC Real Estate Association
URL http://www.bcrea.bc.ca/docs/government-relations/2010-11flood-protection-strategies-report-in-bc---final.pdf?sfvrsn=2
Abstract/Description or Keywords Flooding is a common hazard in British Columbia which can
occur from a variety of factors. They include our mountainous
geography with fast flowing rivers, concentration of development
on low lying lands near water, heavy precipitation, spring
freshets, ice jams, rock slides, dike failures, and even tsunamis.
Over 300,000 people now live in the Lower Fraser River
floodplain alone. A major flood today could result in severe
social, economic and environmental impacts.
The BC Real Estate Association has a vital interest in ensuring
the protection of life and property affected by flood hazards. To
assist the BC Real Estate Association in this regard, the Arlington
Group and EBA, a Tetra Tech Company, were retained to conduct
research and analysis with respect to flood protection strategies. 1

Following the Introduction and background analysis of this
report, Section 2 addresses the array of current legislative
provisions for flood protection. Particular attention is given to key
statutes consisting of:
o Local Government Act
o Community Charter
o Land Title Act
o Dike Maintenance Act
o Emergency Management Act
The role and application of each of these flood hazard
management tools is discussed.
Section 3 documents Provincial policies and information
resources from Federal and Provincial sources. These resources
are very extensive. Although primarily of interest as technical
resources, they provide a comprehensive background to all
interested stakeholders.
Section 4 documents funding sources at the Federal and
Provincial levels. These consist of the B.C. Flood Protection
Program, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, First Nations
Emergency Services Society, and the Provincial Emergency
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