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Citation Couture, R and VanDine, D. 2004. Field Trip - Guidebook: Some geological hazards in North Vancouver and along the Sea-to-Sky Highway British Columbia. Geological Survey of Canada. Open file 4642.
Organization NRCAN
URL http://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset/f3995afe-89a1-5591-90fb-a49bab3d2537
Abstract/Description or Keywords This guidebook provides background information for a field trip dealing with a wide variety of landslide types along Highway 99 (the Sea-to-Sky Highway), between North Vancouver and Britannia Creek along the east shore of Howe Sound (Figure 1). The trip focuses on debris flows, rockfalls, rock slides and rock avalanches, which have resulted in damage and disruption to transportation facilities, damage to buildings, and the loss of life. Since 1915, 104 deaths, and millions of dollars of damage to private property and public infrastructure, have been related to landslides in the area.
This guidebook includes a description of each stop, numbered from 1 to 8, and additional information on other sites for which there is not enough time to stop. The description of the stops and sites proceeds from south to north although logistics may require visiting some in a different order. The information provided in this guidebook was compiled by Réjean Couture (organizer) and Doug VanDine (field trip leader) largely from previous guidebooks (e.g. Eisbacher 1983; Hungr and Skermer 1998; VanDine 2002; Clague and Turner 2003), excerpts from newspapers, papers published in scientific journals, reports from consulting firms, and personal knowledge.
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Regional Watershed Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast
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