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Citation Carson, B and Younle, M. 2003. Managing coastal forest roads to mitigate surface erosion and sedimentation: An operational perspective. Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin 7:10-13.
Organization FORREX
URL http://www.forrex.org/sites/default/files/publications/articles/streamline_vol7_no2_art4.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Watershed managers have identified
forest roads as the primary source of
chronic sediment mobilization,
regardless of region. This article is
based on a project that addressed
chronic surface erosion and
sedimentation in coastal situations
only. However, the processes we
discuss are also of significant concern
in the interior of the province, and
many of our suggestions apply equally
well to interior forest roads. Readers
should note that episodic mass
movements (i.e., earthflows,
landslides, debris flows, etc.) are
beyond the scope of this discussion.
Information Type article
Regional Watershed Coast Region
Sub-watershed if known
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