Water Stewardship Information Sources

Citation Carson, B and Maloney, D. 2013. Water quality effectiveness evaluation results (2008-2012): Results and opportunities for continued improvement. FREP Extension Note #29, December 2013.
Organization FLNRO
URL http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/ftp/hfp/external/!publish/FREP/extension/FREP_Extension_Note_29.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Key message: Everyone involved in designing, building, maintaining and deactivating roads has a role to play in
sediment management. The importance of addressing fine sediment reduction is critical through all stages of a road’s
life, starting with surveying the road’s location and ending only when the road is permanently deactivated.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Province
Sub-watershed if known
Aquifer #
Project status ongoing
Contact Name David Maloney
Contact Email [email protected]