Water Stewardship Information Sources

Citation BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection. 2004. Standards and Best Practices for Instream Works. BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.
Organization Ministry of Environment
URL http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/wld/documents/bmp/iswstdsbpsmarch2004.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords This document is designed to help you act as a steward of the environment.
The information provided here will guide you in planning and carrying out
your proposed development activities so that they:
• comply with applicable legislation, regulations, and policies; and
• meet provincial standards of performance.
Knowing what these legal obligations and standards are will assist you in
choosing the “best practices” for conducting your activities.
Information about the Ministry’s Notification and Approval processes – key
application forms through which the province (under the Water Act)
administers permitting for instream works – is also presented here. For
many types of proposed works, all the guidance you need to submit a
notification or apply for a formal Approval is provided here. Both processes
require you to review this document, incorporate the appropriate standards
and best practices into your work plan, and submit the appropriate form and
accompanying documents.
If you already have experience working in and around water and are familiar
with this document and the Notification and Approval processes, you may
opt to turn directly to Sections 6 and 7 for information about the standards
and best practices that apply to your type of work. If your instream works
are related to forest, range, oil and gas or mining practices, you are not
required to submit a Notification or Approval under the Water Act
Regulation. riparian, aquatic habitat, fisheries
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