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Citation Taylor, JA, Wright, M, 2010. Assessment of the contribution of off-channel habitat to the production of coho in the Englishman River. Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
Organization DFO
URL http://a100.gov.bc.ca/pub/acat/public/viewReport.do?reportId=23752
Abstract/Description or Keywords Overall emigration from the Englishman system, during the study, was estimated to be 42,038 plus/or minus 8,350 smolts, of which 43% were contributed by the constructed channel. Failure to initiate sampling during the early portion of smolt migration resulted in underestimation of the size of the outmigration. Interpolation of this period, based on migration timing in the previous year, suggests that this likely represented at least 5% of the total production. A parametric bootstrap estimate indicated that the outmigration was larger (44,312) than estimated and showed that the confidence intervals were less precise (range 36,073 -62,994 smolts) than those based on the normal approximation. The large contribution to overall migration made by smolts from the Clay Young channel matched that found in 2009, which was the previous largest recorded proportion (41%) in any year of the program. This project was funded by the Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement Branch of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the BC Living Rivers Program
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
Sub-watershed if known Englishman River
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Project status complete
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