Water Stewardship Information Sources

Citation Stapinsky, M; Desbarats, A J; Boyle, D R; Robin, M J L; 1997; Response to rainfall of groundwater discharge from underground mine workings at Myra Falls Mining Camp, Vancouver Island, B.C.; Earth Sciences Sector, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage; p. 1779-1795; 16p.
Organization Geological Survey of Canada
URL http://geoscan.nrcan.gc.ca/starweb/geoscan/servlet.starweb?path=geoscan/fulle.web&search1=R=225013
Abstract/Description or Keywords hydrogeology; environmental geology; groundwater; groundwater regimes; groundwater discharge; discharge rates; groundwater pollution; underground mining; mine waste products; acid mine drainage; hydrographs; meteorology; precipitation; leaching; bedrock geology; lithology; volcano-sedimentary strata; structural features; fractures; flow structures; flow mechanisms; groundwater flow; hydraulic conductivity; groundwater levels; Myra Falls Mining Camp; Myra Mine; Price Mine; waste water treatment; hydraulic properties
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Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
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