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Citation Urban Systems Ltd. 2012. Chapman Creek Source Assessment Response Plan. Prepared for Sunshine Coast Regional District.
Organization Sunshine Coast Regional District
URL http://www.scrd.ca/files/File/Infrastructure/Water/2012-12-19-FINAL-REPORT-SCRD-Chapman%20Creek%20Source%20Assessment%20Response%20Pl___.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords In response to an order from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the Sunshine Coast Regional
District (water supplier for a large portion of the Sunshine Coast) set up a technical working group and
retained Urban Systems Ltd. to work together to create a source assessment response plan for the
Chapman Creek water source. The plan (this document) responds to hazards and risks identified in the
original source assessment, and those identified during the process of creating the plan. There are
twenty-three (23) hazards and associated risks identified for the Chapman Creek watershed. Fourteen
(14) of these are characterized as high or moderate risk and are included in the response plan; they are
as follows:
1. High precipitation and run-off
2. Wildlife and birds
3. Forestry activity
4. Human access to watershed
5. Water demand during low flow periods
6. Wildfires
7. Past forestry activity
8. Future mining activity
9. Recreation activity
10. Climate change impacts
11. Landslides and natural disaster events
12. Bird and wind transport from landfill
13. Illegal Dumping
14. Water demand due to development
The remaining nine (9) low risk hazards are not included in the plan.
This response plan provides a set of management and site specific response actions that the Sunshine
Coast Regional District, licensed stakeholders, First Nations and agencies can reasonably undertake
(according to Section 22 (2) of the Drinking Water Protection Act) to reduce or mitigate the risks to the
drinking water in the Chapman Creek watershed.
Seventy (70) action items are identified and included in the response plan. These response actions are
organized according to the hazard and risk they address (which is noted as avoidable or unavoidable),
are given a priority within each hazard, and are given a ranking within all hazards. A recommended
timeframe to complete each action is included, along with the organization responsible to undertake the
actions and a preliminary cost estimate for completion.
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast
Sub-watershed if known Chapman Creek
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Project status complete
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