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Citation Tschaplinski, P.J. 1998. A summary of the effects of forest harvesting, fishing, and environmental shifts on salmonid populations of Carnation Creek, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. In: Land management practices affecting aquatic ecosystems. Proc. Forest-Fish Conf., May 1-4, 1996, Calgary, Alta. M.A Brewin and D.M.A. Monita (tech. coordinators). Nat. Resour. Can., Can. For. Serv., North. For. Cent., Edmonton, Alta. Inf. Rep. NOR-X-356. pp. 361-388.
Organization FLNRO
URL http://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/publications?id=11639
Abstract/Description or Keywords The Forest-Fish Conference was held on May 1-4, 1996, in Calgary Alberta. The conference provided a forum for the exchange of information concerning the relationships between forest land-use activities and aquatic resources among an international assemblage of technical experts. Presentations were made on the relationships between forest harvesting activities and stream flows; road construction and sedimentation; degraded riparian area recovery and improved livestock management; stream ecosystem protection; and timber harvest and riparian buffer requirements. management solutions that improve watershed protection and minimize the impacts of forest land-use activities on aquatic environments were discussed. Fifty papers from this meeting are presented in this volume.
Information Type book chapter
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
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Contact Name Peter Tschaplinski
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