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Citation Ronneseth , Wei & Gallo. 1995. Evaluating Methods of Aquifer Vulnerability Mapping for the Prevention of Groundwater Contamination in BC
Organization Ministry of Environment
URL http://a100.gov.bc.ca/pub/acat/public/viewReport.do?reportId=23878
Abstract/Description or Keywords Two documented methods of aquifer vulnerability mapping, AVI and DRASTIC, were evaluated as to their suitability for use in unconsolidated, glaciated, shallow aquifer terrains in southern British Columbia. both methods were applied, at a 1:20,000 mapping scale, in a pilot project area 50 km southeast of the city of Vancouver. The study area is 85 km in size and is underlain by two adjacent unconsolidated aquifers. Both aquifers comprise glaciofluvial sand and gravel. The Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer is an unconfined aquifer with the water table ranging from 0 to 40 m below the land surface. The Aldergrove aquifer is confined mainly to flaciomarine stony clays and tills up to 30 m thick.
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