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Citation Schiefer, E, Hassan, MA, Memounos, B, Pelpola, CP and Slaymaker, O. 2010. Interdecadal patterns of total sediment yield from a montane catchment, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada. Geomorphology 118:207-212.
Organization UBC
URL http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0169555X10000115
Abstract/Description or Keywords We reconstruct sediment yield for a mountain watershed of western Canada since the mid-twentieth
century from studies of annually laminated lake sediments, delta progradation, and solute transfer. Total
yield averaged 320± 40 Mg km−2 a−1 and comprised ∼35% suspended load, 50% bedload, and 15% dissolved
load. Ratios between the individual yield components varied approximately threefold at interannual
timescales because of significant variability in the suspended and bedload fractions. Asynchronous flux in
suspended and bedload fractions through time arise from differences in sediment availability and transitory
sediment storage in the channel. Periods of elevated yield coincide with rapid glacier recession, an extreme
rainstorm, and a landslide. Our results indicate that in montane environments, extrapolation from even
decade-long monitoring programs may lead to biased projections of long-term yield and delivery mode
proportions if variations in sediment supply and catchment response to hydroclimatic and geomorphic
controls are not considered.
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Regional Watershed Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast
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Contact Name Erik Schiefer
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