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Citation Roberts, B, Ward, B and Rollerson, T. 2004. A comparison of landslide rates following helicopter and conventional cable-based clear-cut logging operations in the Southwest Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Geomorphology 61:337-346.
Organization SFU
URL http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0169555X0400039X
Abstract/Description or Keywords A comparison of landslide rates following helicopter and conventional, cable-based, clear-cut logging was carried out using results from two independent terrain attribute studies in the Eldred and Lois River watersheds in the Southwest Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Landslides initiating from directly within a road prism were excluded from the study in order to focus the comparison on landslides related primarily to conventional versus helicopter yarding methods. A landslide rate of 0.02 landslides/ha was observed in 162 terrain polygons logged by helicopter ∼8 years prior to this study. Landslide rates in 38 gullied polygons were 0.06 landslides/ha. No landslides were observed in 124 open-slope polygons. Over a similar 8-year average period, 0.03 landslides/ha were observed in 142 cable-yarded terrain polygons; 0.06 and 0.02 landslides/ha occurred in gullied and open-slope polygons, respectively. t-Tests indicate that total landslide rates are not significantly different following helicopter and conventional logging; however, a dichotomy exists between gullied and open-slope terrain polygons. Landslide rates are not significantly different in gullied terrain but are significantly higher on open-slopes following conventional cable logging. Consequently, landslides appear to have a greater potential to occur in open-slope terrain following conventional logging, but differences in gullied polygons are less likely. Increased post-logging landslide rates in conventionally logged, open slopes are more likely the result of undetected road-related drainage changes than differences between helicopter and conventional yarding-related ground disturbance. Landslide rates; Logging impact; Yarding; Helicopter logging; Conventional logging; Clear-cut logging
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