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Citation Page, N et al. 2013. Hastings Creek watershed: ecology and hydrotechnical assessment. Prepared for District of North Vancouver.
Organization District of North Vancouver
URL https://www.dnv.org/sites/default/files/edocs/hastings-creek-watershed-assessment.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The purpose of this project was to assess hydrology, stormwater infrastructure, and ecological
conditions in the Hastings Creek watershed, and to identify strategies and actions for improving
the ecological health of the stream and managing the drainage system. This project forms one
component of an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) for Hastings Creek.
Study Area
Hastings Creek flows through an 862 ha watershed located in the Lynn Valley area of the
District of North Vancouver. About 61% of the watershed is urbanized including 34% zoned for
single‐family residential use. The headwaters are mountainous and forested. Hastings Creek
flows through the northern edge of the redeveloping Lynn Valley Town Centre (LVTC).
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Lower Fraser
Sub-watershed if known Hastings Creek
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Project status complete
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