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Citation Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. 2014. Considerations for addressing climate change adaptation for transportation infrastructure in highway management, design, operations and maintenance in British Columbia. BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
Organization Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
URL http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/climate_action/documents/MoTI-Climate%20Adaptation_Best%20Practices.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords Disruption to transportation systems can be costly to society in terms of interruption of access to
emergency, medical and educational services, delays in delivery of goods and services and lost
productivity. As climatic conditions change there is potential for increased disruption to
transportation systems especially from extreme weather events. Understanding risks and impacts
to transportation from climate changes and developing design and maintenance responses over
the service life of infrastructure can promote and enhance highway reliability.
The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BCMoTI) has engaged in a number of
projects to consider vulnerability risk to transportation infrastructure in BC from future changes
in climate. The intent is to understand potential risks to the transportation system and develop
adaptation measures to address potential issues. This Best Practices Document has resulted from
findings, knowledge and experience acquired from conducting these projects and reviewing
This Best Practices Document provides guidance on integrating climate change considerations
into ongoing management, planning, engineering, maintenance and operations activities within
the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BCMoTI). It outlines
general approaches to consider for adapting practices to accommodate impacts of changing
climate on B.C. highway infrastructure systems. The general guidance provided in this
document could be modified and integrated into operating practices, procedures, and technical
circulars and scoping documents.
This project benefited from partnering with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) under their
Adaptation Platform intended to advance adaptation to climate change in Canada. BCMoTI has
contributed to the NRCan Coastal Management theme and this initiative has supported the
development of this Best Practices Document. landslide, flooding, rain, avalanche
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