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Citation Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. 2009. Lower Cowichan/Koksilah River Integrated Flood Management Plan, Final Report. Prepared for Cowichan Valley Regional District.
Organization Cowichan Valley Regional District
URL http://www.cvrd.bc.ca/DocumentCenter/Home/View/7999
Abstract/Description or Keywords The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD), in partnership with Cowichan Tribes, the
City of Duncan and the District of North Cowichan (DNC), retained Northwest Hydraulic
Consultants (NHC) to update existing floodplain mapping and to develop an Integrated Flood
Management Plan for the Lower Cowichan-Koksilah River floodplain, including major
tributaries. Funding for this program was built by a partnership of supporting funds from the
following organizations: Union of BC Municipalities Innovations Fund, Cowichan Tribes
and the BC Provincial Emergency Program as well as substantial in-kind contributions from
local government organizations.
Given the very broad nature of the study, NHC recommended that a phased approach be
adopted so that the project goals and objectives could be refined over the course of the
project. The main outputs of the project are summarized in four documents:
ƒ Volume 1 – Scoping Report
y Field investigations and base map development, including substantial field
reviews and GIS analysis
y Literature review of local and international flood management practices
ƒ Volume 2 – Technical Investigations
y Technical investigations related to hydrology, hydraulics, sedimentation and
channel hazards
y Detailed assessments of the capacity of existing flood control structures using
numerical models
y Environmental investigations including habitat and fisheries values, threats
and opportunities
ƒ Volume 3 – Integrated Flood Management Plan (this report)
y Summary of findings from Volumes 1 and 2
y Mapping tools for flood hazard, channel erosion and habitat value
y Analysis of flood management best management practices
y Project goals, guiding principles and proposed actions (priority and long-term)
ƒ Summary Paper
Information Type report
Regional Watershed Vancouver Island South
Sub-watershed if known Cowichan, Koksilah
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