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Citation Maas, Carol and Susanne Porter-Bopp; 2010; A Soft Path Strategy for Salt Spring Island, BC. A Soft Path for Water Case Study; Salt Spring Island Water Council; POLIS Discussion Series Paper 10-01, February 2010; 61p.
Organization POLIS
URL http://poliswaterproject.org/sites/default/files/POLIS%20ssi%20soft%20path%20strategy_final.pdf
Abstract/Description or Keywords The soft path approach allows us to unleash the full potential of demand management by changing water-use habits, technologies and practices. As a matter of principle, the soft path works within ecological limits and promotes local public participation to ensure sustainability of our water resources. Salt Spring Island (pop: 9,640) is the largest of the Gulf Islands. Summer population can double. SSI is faced with a choice to build costly infrastructure to tap into greater surface and groundwater supplies or to defer the need for new infrastructure by engaging in long-term conservation planning. This soft path approach seeks to provide direction to this second option.
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Regional Watershed Southern Gulf Islands
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Aquifer # 155; 156; 157; 721; 722; 723
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