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Citation Moore, R.D., Sutherland, P., Gomi, T. and Dhakal, A. 2005. Thermal regime of a headwater stream within a clearcut, coastal British Columbia, Canada. Hydrological Processes 19:2591-2608.
Organization UBC
URL http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/hyp.5733/abstract
Abstract/Description or Keywords stream temperature;forest harvesting;bed temperatures;heat budget;hyporheic exchange
This study examined the thermal regime of a headwater stream within a clear-cut. The stream had a complex morphology dominated by step–pool features, many formed by sediment accumulation upstream of woody debris. Maximum daily temperatures increased up to 5 °C after logging, and were positively associated with maximum daily air temperature and negatively with discharge. Maximum daily temperatures generally increased with downstream distance through the cut block, but decreased with distance in two segments over distances of tens of metres, where the topography indicated relatively concentrated lateral inflow. Localized cool areas within a step–pool unit were associated with zones of concentrated upwelling. Bed temperatures tended to be higher and have greater ranges in areas of downwelling flow into the bed. Heat budget estimates were made using meteorological measurements over the water surface and a model of net radiation using canopy characteristics derived from fisheye photography. Heat exchange driven by hyporheic flow through the channel step was a cooling effect during daytime, with a magnitude up to approximately 25% that of net radiation during the period of maximum daytime warming. Heat budget calculations in these headwater streams are complicated by the heterogeneity of incident solar radiation and channel geometry, as well as uncertainty in estimating heat and water exchanges between the stream and the subsurface via hyporheic exchange and heat conduction.
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Regional Watershed Lower Fraser
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Contact Name Dan Moore
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